Local TV News Station WCPO Profiles Lawn Life

Lawn Life founder Time Arnold was the subject of a great story by WCPO, profiling the non-profit and our work for a local news segment. Read the story on WCPO’s website.

Here’s a few highlights:

“‘Will hire anyone hanging out on the corner and help change the outcome of their life.’ That’s what Tim Arnold’s business cards say. And he stands by that promise.”

“Donatelli actually met Arnold in jail; when he got out, Arnold hired him, and he worked his way up to be a supervisor. ‘Right now, I own a home, I’m married, I have two kids, I have multiple vehicles, and I’m focused,’ Donatelli said. ‘I want to continue going up.'”




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Wow! Check out this great article on Lawn Life by Soapbox Media!

Local Cincinnati Soapbox writer Nancy Yerian wrote a fantastic piece on Lawn Life and our founder, Tim Arnold.

Read the full article on their website, and here’s a few of the finer points:

“After winning Social Venture Partners’ Fast Pitch in February, LawnLife recently went to the Philanthropitch International competition in Austin, Tex., where the company was honored as one of the 10 “brightest social innovators” from across the U.S. and Canada.”

“The effort quickly grew into a comprehensive, multi-tiered program. As Arnold hired more youth who wanted to keep working, he started taking them out to mow lawns and do yard work in the community. It soon grew into a nonprofit organization that works with many other area services to reach young people to employ.”

“Although the employees do lawn care and construction for clients who can pay market rate, Arnold also finds ways to “pay it forward” and clean up community spaces or offer lawn mowing to residents who might not be able to afford to pay for a lawn mower or what a professional company might charge.”


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Neighborhood Connections Features Recess Cleveland in ‘Pride of Glenville’ Promo Video

Recess Cleveland makes an appearance around the 7-minute mark, but watch the whole thing, these are all great programs!

Here’s the description of Neighborhood Connections’ production: “This video highlights the past, present and future of the Glenville neighborhood where the characters Superman and Superfly were both created. It was produced by Neighborhood Connections as part of the Pride of Glenville campaign, which supported a variety of resident-led community projects to improve the neighborhood. Find out more at”


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Cleveland Youth Landscaping Awarded With Cleveland Climate Action Grant

Cleveland Youth Landscaping has been awarded a grant by the Cleveland Climate Action Fund to continue our landscaping work with the help of fossil-fuel-free landscaping equipment.

Here’s what the Cleveland Climate Action Fund had to say about our program in their press release about the recipients:

– Cleveland Youth Landscaping,“Glenville Re-Inspired”: Cleveland youth will be hired and trained to provide landscaping and snow removal services to the Glenville neighborhood. Funds will be used to landscaping equipment that doesn’t produce emissions, such as non-gasoline mowers, to reduce air pollution and use of fossil fuels.

Alexander Robertson, founder of Cleveland Youth Landscaping, commented on his project’s impact on the environment and his team’s health: “Initially, Cleveland Youth Landscaping was simply a neighborhood beautification project.  We hire about 50 young adults each year to perform basic landscaping services for our residents, but our mission was altered after I learned about the severe toxicity of gas powered lawnmower and string trimmer usage,” Robertson, said. “But, this year, with the help of our Cleveland Climate Action Fund grant we are happy to announce that we have created a team of green landscapers that will only operate electric and hand powered equipment.”

Cleveland Youth Landscaping’s equipment upgrades should reduce over 15,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions by switching from gas mowers to reel mowers and electric mowers. They will reduce another 15,000 lbs of CO2 emissions by switching to electric string trimmers and hand tools. The youth will also educate the clients on the effects of climate change, how to reduce their carbon emissions, and hopefully convince them to engage with other environmental preservation projects.”


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Read more Looks To CYL For Community Improvement reached out to Cleveland Youth Landscaping Executive Director Alex Robertson for input on keeping Cleveland’s sidewalks clear of snow in the winter. Here’s our input:

Cleveland Youth Landscaping co-founder Alexander Robertson said they hire teenagers and pay them $9 an hour, funded by donations and grants, to do yard work. This year, they included snow removal in their services, “to keep the sidewalks clear and people from walking in the streets,” he said.”

The full article can be found here.

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Ashbury Sprouts Recognised By Local Senior Center

Alice Blake and Delores Shaw of the Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center did a fantastic little write-up on Sandra Robertson’s Ashbury Sprouts Community Garden right down the road on E. 111 St. explaining how Sandra decided to get into gardening and her goals for the space.

Seed Sown/Harvest Reaped – 

“Community Garden is a piece of land cultivated by members of a community in urban areas to grow their food or donate what they have grown. Such land helps in nurturing a sense of togetherness and socialization within the community. The gardens encourage food security within the community.

Community gardens beautify the area and provide a stopping point for conversation and is a great positive ice-breaker for meeting people. It also helps our children better understand where their food source derives from. Community gardens create friendships and build community spirit. Ashbury Sprouts, located on East 111th Street off Ashbury Avenue is one such garden, which is under the direction of Ms. Sandra Robertson.  As a child, she was taught the different methods of gardening by her father. She incorporates the old and traditional gardening methods along with more recent, innovative ideas into the Ashbury Sprouts Gardens. It is the desire of Sandra to plant sweet potatoes which contains the essential carbohydrates of all staple foods and is an ideal vegetable to try and grow.

We have now come to learn that it was the slaves’ diet that was primarily responsible for their near-perfect health. Small gardens that were planted adjacent to the slaves’ cabins produced an abundance of fresh produce for the majority of the year. These gardens oftentimes produced 15 or more different vegetables.”

You can see the completed article here, which includes a fantastic recipe for Sweet Potato Pund Cake!


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Cleveland Youth Landscaping Receives Anonymous Angel Grant Through Neighbor Up!

Angel grants are given by anonymous donors, making them even more special and appreciated. Cleveland Youth Landscaping has become the recipient of such an award through the Neighbor Up! social service funding agency.

Here’s the video:



Learn more about the Neighbor Up! program here.


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Cleveland Youth Landscaping Gets Shout-Out From For Stemming Youth Violence has written an article that highlights several programs in the city of Cleveland that are working to curb youth violence. Here’s what they had to say about Cleveland Youth Landscaping:

Cleveland Youth Landscaping

What it is: This landscaping program provides Glenville area residents with free landscaping services through employing youth ages 14-18. There’s a focus on helping the elderly, trimming lawns of foreclosed houses and cleaning up areas that present safety concerns.

The organization also teaches entrepreneurial and work skills through the job program.

How they do it: Employees are paid for their landscaping efforts through the organization’s sponsors, including Neighborhood Connections, but also must attend a series of speakers.

To find out if you qualify for free landscaping services check out the organization’s website.


The full article can be read here.

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Ashbury Sprouts Presented In GardenWalk Cleveland

Ashbury Sprouts participated in GardenWalk Cleveland, where community gardens and urban farms open up to the public for free, self-guided tours in several Cleveland neighborhoods. interviewed Ashbury Sprouts founder Sandra Robertson for their story:

“At Glenville’s Ashbury Sprouts Community Garden, R&B music from a portable radio provided background beats as volunteers tended their raised garden beds. Organizer Sandra Robertson, a retired Cleveland police officer, explained that about 10 adults and 13 kids are growing corn, collard greens, spinach, peppers, cabbage, strawberries, raspberries and carrots. She showed me her crop of Yukon Gold potatoes growing in a trash barrel. As the plants grow, she adds more soil. When it’s harvest time, she’ll tip the barrel over and pull out the potatoes. “It’s a hobby I love. I like showing kids how much fun it is,” Robertson said. She described a teen who was awe-struck when he yanked a carrot out of the ground; he’d never seen that before. The teenagers are part of the Fresh Camp, a Glenville summer camp that uses gardening and hip-hop music to encourage kids to explore their neighborhoods, explained co-organizer Lynea Mitchell. Last year, Fresh Campers just visited the community garden; this year, the garden donated nine raised beds for the campers to plant, Mitchell said. The teens learn where fresh food comes from, along with responsibility and patience. “You can’t plant a pepper and eat it the next day,” said Mitchell, who runs the camp with Cleveland artist Doc “DJ Doc” Harrill. Jamaal Thomas, 17, one of the Fresh Campers, stopped by the garden to talk to visitors during the walk. “It’s not hard to garden and make our own food,” said Jamaal, who will be a junior at Glenville High School in the fall. He thinks that his raspberries will taste better because he grew them. “I never planted berries before,” he said.”

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