Mason man’s death inspires fundraiser for drug, alcohol addiction prevention

He was an athlete, a high school graduate with dreams.

He was a brother, son and friend to many.

Sidney Myles Jones was also another young man who is dead because of drugs.

He was 20 years old.

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He had recently graduated from Kings High School and he was just starting his life.

His family said he was the last person you’d expect to shoot up drugs.

“We’re in a good school district, good neighborhood and never thought this would ever happen,” said his father, Don Jones.

Not to Don Jones’ son.

Sidney Myles Jones was vibrant, hard working.

He was a wrestler and a fisherman.

“He used to catch these huge catfish, 30, 40 pounds,” Don Jones said.

“Everything he did he put his whole heart into it. Like my dad said, wrestling and fishing, he loved it, loved everything about it,” said his sister Ashley Jones.

Life was good for the Joneses until last April when Don Jones tried to wake up his son for work.

“He was just there peacefully as if he was sleeping and I kept saying Sidney, ready to get up and I realized something was wrong. He wasn’t responding and I touched his arm, he was still warm,” Don Jones said. “And then I saw the needle next to his arm, the rubber band and I knew he had done some drugs.”

Sidney Myles Jones overdosed on fentanyl and died.

“I was out of town actually, visiting some friends and I got the phone call,” Ashley Jones said.

“I never thought in a million years the next morning when I wake him up for work that he would be gone,” said Don Jones.

As a way to remember Sidney Myles Jones and raise awareness of the perils of drug addiction, Eli’s Sports Bar and Grill in Mason, where Ashley Jones works, is hosting a “Myles Ahead: There is Hope fundraiser” on Saturday.

“That’s really the awareness that we’re trying to get out is that don’t even do it once because the one time that kills you,” Don Jones said.

And that one time that could leave a family with so much heartache.

“Walking past his bedroom, hearing a song so doesn’t get easier, it doesn’t. It doesn’t get easier,” said Don Jones. “I think of him every day.”

Don said he was even the type of parent who would snoop around a bit on his children, and never once did he find a needle or any red flags.

The fundraiser at Eli’s on Saturday is from noon until midnight and is family friendly.

There will be caricature and balloon artists, arcade games and live music in the evening.

There will also be a silent auction and raffle, as well as information tables on prevention and education.

Money raised will go to the Warren County ESC/Coordinated Care Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Education Program.

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