First Look inspires middle school classes

The First Look Program is an initiative to extend the pipeline from higher education to middle school students. Basically throughout the day, there’s three messages that we’re trying to pass along: The first is that college is a possibility. The second is that college creates options. And then thirdly, do not let the price of college stop you from going ’cause there are way to pay for college. “So how much does all that cost?” “It costs – different packages cost different prices.” It’s been really neat to see those that have never been exposed to see what college life is like and how classrooms are different and how they can actually come to school with the financial aid and all of that.

It’s been really helpful for them. They let us see what they’re doing in the classroom and everything and just take us around the campus. “We’re going to the Old Well!” Being able to tour an actual college was nice. After talking with Emily … “Why people are sometimes aggressive or …” … talking to her about how the mind works and everything- I think Ilike the science a lot. We talk about the barriers and, you know, the things we’ve gone through to get here. Everything wasn’t easy. “Didn’t they look really focused?” The tour guides do a really good job of exposing them to the whole University and how to get there. We are using UNC as a template of what college is like. It’s our favorite, but there’s a right fit for everyone..

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