Cleveland Youth Landscaping has been awarded a grant by the Cleveland Climate Action Fund to continue our landscaping work with the help of fossil-fuel-free landscaping equipment.

Here’s what the Cleveland Climate Action Fund had to say about our program in their press release about the recipients:

– Cleveland Youth Landscaping,“Glenville Re-Inspired”: Cleveland youth will be hired and trained to provide landscaping and snow removal services to the Glenville neighborhood. Funds will be used to landscaping equipment that doesn’t produce emissions, such as non-gasoline mowers, to reduce air pollution and use of fossil fuels.

Alexander Robertson, founder of Cleveland Youth Landscaping, commented on his project’s impact on the environment and his team’s health: “Initially, Cleveland Youth Landscaping was simply a neighborhood beautification project.  We hire about 50 young adults each year to perform basic landscaping services for our residents, but our mission was altered after I learned about the severe toxicity of gas powered lawnmower and string trimmer usage,” Robertson, said. “But, this year, with the help of our Cleveland Climate Action Fund grant we are happy to announce that we have created a team of green landscapers that will only operate electric and hand powered equipment.”

Cleveland Youth Landscaping’s equipment upgrades should reduce over 15,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions by switching from gas mowers to reel mowers and electric mowers. They will reduce another 15,000 lbs of CO2 emissions by switching to electric string trimmers and hand tools. The youth will also educate the clients on the effects of climate change, how to reduce their carbon emissions, and hopefully convince them to engage with other environmental preservation projects.”


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